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logan who?

Logan Monahan - Headshot



(low-gen mon-uh-han)


A filmmaker and editor from the humid lands of Atlanta, Georgia. Likes french-fries and storytelling; a super perfectionist; has a hospitable southern personality. Whether its film, video, or marketing - his goals in any given project, in any position, is to help realize a project's vision at its fullest potential. Along with that, he hopes to raise unheard voices, to entertain, to educate, and to accomplish all of these things in a fresh and impactful manner.

a history, but make it snappy

On set of Makana Masks production, "Dr. Makana"

Logan working as an editor and DIT on set for a collaboration between SCADPro & Makana Masks. (IMAGE CREDIT: Talissa Wright, January 2021)

Logan quickly found a love for storytelling through making short videos of him and his friends growing up on a dingy camera that filmed videos as if it were filmed with a potato. Just after, he found a passion for video and film editing and spent his free time creating short films, and even became fond of editing fan-made trailers and advertisements for upcoming movies for fun. During high school, Logan also participated in theatre and went on to become an Honor Thespian in the International Thespian Society. During that time, he also created and edited films and short documentaries to reflect the importance of live theatre programs in public education.


Logan attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, and graduated in 2021 with a bachelor of arts in Film & TV. While there, he participated in over 30 different film projects in whatever position he could - ranging from student films to branded content for rising businesses. During that time, he recieved a nomination for best long-form non-fiction film at the Southeast Student production awards for his work on the short documentary, "My Friend, Jordan".

From there, he used his skills to freelance for different clients with a range of filmmaking and editing needs. In his freetime, he works on his own independent films that he hopes can make an impact on viewers. He now happily works full time as an Assistant Editor and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  

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